How to Prepare Thesis Defense for Geology Subjects?

Submitting a thesis or dissertation is mandatory for many advanced degrees of Masters or PhD. The purpose of this exercise is to assess your knowledge of the subject matter acquired during degree completion. It is also an evaluation of your research and investigative capabilities. Writing thousands of words for a thesis is an arduous task, and you may think the process ends here. But that is not the case; you still have halfway to go with your thesis defence. Once you complete your thesis, you will have to deliver a dissertation defence in front of a panel of professors. A thesis defence encompasses explaining and presenting your topic in a lecture form. It requires you to justify the chosen issue, research methodology, major findings, conclusions and recommendations. In essence, dissertation defence comprises of question and answer session. The panel of professors evaluate the strength and weaknesses of your thesis and put it under scrutiny. Your final grade or score depends on how yo